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Since October 1999, the Network, « Dialogues on governance in Africa » has been working in the Western and Central regions of the continent to promote a radical reform in governance in order to legitimise it and ensure its conformity to the values and needs of the African people. This Network is made up of Africans and non-Africans who have embarked on actions and reflections among African people and in the world as a whole in order to foster dialogue in the management of public affairs in Africa.

Objective of the Network:

Firstly, to create a Pan-African public dialogue and reflection forum on governance;

Secondly, to develop and suggest principles that will enable the entrenchment of governance practices suitable for the African realities in view of the challenges of the 21st Century.

We in the Network are convinced that Africa must use its specific forms of governance to address issues common to all societies of the world. The process initiated is guided by the simple principles of matching reflection with action. In the first phase, the Network focused on the collection of experiences, viewpoints and the expectations of the various fields (group approach) in the various countries (territorial approach) on the different aspects of governance (thematic approach). A significant collection of documents on experiences and analysis has been assembled. In May 2002, the Network embarked on the second phase in which the materials collected were arranged systematically in order to find an African perspective of governance and translate it to concrete reform proposals.

The African Charter for a legitimate governance and sets proposals presented here have been designed with the experiences and analysis of the African realities in relation reflections of the rest of the world and opens the door to a new phase, that of feed-backs from the field.

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